1. All of the tracking for our new album is complete and it is currently being mixed by the wonderful and handsome Matt Radosevich. We are still on pace for an early spring release. Touring will precede the release sometime most likely in early March. All of the dates and other tour information will posted as soon as they are booked. The Leaflet #17 is now showing and our new merchandise store is finally back up and functioning again.
  2. Dear mom,

    The tour is going well. We have met a lot of new friends. Ricky said he doesn't hate me anymore! We are in Minneapolis now and it is really cold. ..
  3. Paintings

    We will be raffling off a painting at all of the upcoming shows. The raffle tickets will be $1.00 each. The winners will be announced at the merchandise booth after the show.
  4. We are now in our third week of recording with Matt Radosevich. We will be adding videos and news updates from here on out.