1. Mark will be on KCSF radio today 4pm PST talking about the history of dredg and playing some songs from over the years. 90.9 in San Francisco or Listen here:

  2. 3 Hour Banana: The making of Catch Without Arms. Available NOW!


    Pre-order El Cielo on vinyl now and save 25%. $20 now, (or $25 later). Extremely limited run. Double 45 rpm LP high quality records with full artwork and large booklet inside.

    Purchase the bundle! Continue saving by purchasing the El Cielo bundle which includes an El Cielo Tshirt and Limited Edition vinyl for $35 now (or $45 later)"



  4. Our friend Jon, who created our fanpage, has been dealing with the difficulties of life. His wife is extremely ill and financial burdens have hindered the ability to care for his wife and his two beautiful young daughters. if your heart is full, a site has been created to help his family in these troubled times. please donate if you can......................

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